June 8th 2023, 1:45:18 am

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Is there another tech bubble?

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Is there another tech bubble? 
North American equity markets continued to rally last week as giant tech companies fueled the rally and shrugged off the recession concerns. S&P 500 and Nasdaq are up 11.31% and 26.4% year to date while Canada’s S&P/TSX had only advanced 2.82%. Euro Stoxx 50 as the main stock benchmark of Europe is up 13.17% in 2023.  Yields remain high with the US and Canada policy interest rates at 4.5% and 5.25% respectively.
The Nvidia stock price run to push it closer to the one trillion-dollar market cap club just like Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, and Amazon, gave the tech sector a boost as the race for incorporating Artificial intelligence in businesses gains momentum. Nvidia is a major player in the field of AI. 
Meanwhile, the release of Apple’s new headset called VisionPro right after Meta introduced their new virtual reality headset last week, resurfaced the virtual reality hype and push of the companies to attract more attention by emphasizing these new favorite concepts.
Some analysts are echoing concerns of similar trends as seen in the 90s tech bubble when the internet was gaining so much momentum that US companies were trading at unreasonable multiples. In many cases, the companies were not even generating revenues and just relying on the hype for the new technologies.
Investors, however, are now pointing to giant names like Apple and Microsoft which are well-established names and have the super strong pricing power to generate sales. As seen today, at Apple’s event that the new headset, priced at around USD3,500, to test Apple’s marketing might.