Frequently Asked Questions

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To exchange currency, you will need to bring your government-issued photo ID, such as a
passport or driver's license, to one of our locations. Our staff will then verify your identity and complete
the exchange transaction for you.

If you are exchanging banknotes or more than $3,000 CAD, a government issued picture identification
(non expired) is required.

- Competition: VANEX operate in a highly competitive market and often compete with each other to
offer the best exchange rates. This competition can lead to better rates for customers.

- Lower overhead costs: VANEX often have lower overhead costs than banks. For example, they may
have smaller premises, fewer employees, and less regulatory requirements. This lower overhead allows
exchange bureaus to offer more competitive rates.

- Specialization: VANEX specialize in foreign currency exchange, whereas banks have many other
services to offer. VANEX can often offer better rates because they have a greater focus on this specific

- Bulk purchasing power: VANEX purchase and sell currencies in large quantities, which gives them more
bargaining power with other market participants. This can allow them to obtain better rates than banks,
which may not purchase and sell currencies in the same volume.

We strive to offer competitive exchange rates to ensure that our customers get the highest
value possible. You can compare our rates with other currency exchange providers to see how we stack

Yes, we take the safety and security of our customers' transactions very seriously. We have
measures in place to prevent fraud and ensure that your transaction is completed securely.

Yes, we welcome customers from all over the world and can exchange a wide range of

Our exchange rates are based on the current market rate for each currency, as well as any fees
or markups that we charge.

No, we strive to be transparent about our fees, and we will always provide you with a clear
breakdown of the costs before completing the exchange.

The length of time it takes to exchange currency can vary depending on a number of factors,
including the type and amount of currency being exchanged, or method of payment. This can be
influenced by the current market conditions. We will always do our finest to complete the exchange as
quickly as possible while still ensuring that it is done accurately and securely. 

We accept a wide range of payment methods, including cash, online payment, debit cards, and
Wire transfers.

We currently offer online currency exchange services through our website, as well as in-person
exchanges at our physical locations. For more information about our online currency exchange services,
please visit our website or contact us directly.

VANEX does not cash Traveller's cheques of any currency.

VANEX does not buy or sell foreign coins.

Coquitlam Branch - Closed on Sunday and holidays.
Vancouver Branch - Open daily 9am - 8pm

VANEX is not able to accept any foreign drafts because of strict compliance regimes around the world.
We are able to receive electronic transfers in many foreign currencies. Please contact us for the
currencies available and banking details. 

Vanex do accept payment via credit card. Customers can pay with cash, debit card (Canadian banks
only), credit card or bank draft payable to VANEX. 

VANEX does not accept 3rd party CAD cheques.

VANEX does not charge extra service fees on top of the posted exchange rates.

If you wish to pay with the same currency that you are sending, VANEX will charge a 2% fee plus
applicable wire fees.

Yes, note that debit cards have a daily transaction limit; please ensure your limit is above your payment

 All the transactions have specific procedures and determined fees, and everything is clear at VANEX. You can check our fee table below:

You can easily follow the steps below to make your payment with the bill payment method to VANEX